Created after enjoying a sweet and savory plate of Chicken and Waffles in a small southern cafè in Atlanta, Georgia - we combined this dynamic duo together in their golden crispy glory so they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. 

Our Chicken and Waffle Bites (approx. 1-inch diameter) use ALL ORGANIC CHICKEN which is spiced and mixed with bits of caramelized onion and BACON - They're coated in our sweet southern waffle batter and fried up crisp and delicious.

We send them to you FROZEN with our 'Southern Syrup' which is Maple Syrup and Hot Sauce infused with a bit of butter and cream. Sounds Crazy, Tastes Amazing!

Enjoy Chicken and Waffle Bites:

  • As A Quick Snack
  • Breakfast On The Run
  • After A Night Of Drinking (Careful!)
  • After A Few Tokes (Thank Us Later)

They're The Perfect Snack For Any Occasion!

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